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PrimEvil Studios Miniature Services

PrimEvil Studios will accept commissions of any size - from individual figures to entire armies. Pricing will vary depending on the type of project and the level of detail required by our customers. As a rough rule of thumb, most 25-30mm figures will cost about $10 USD each for a very high quality table top finish, with mounted and monstrous sized figures priced upwards accordingly. By the same token, troops in 15mm scale will run about $5 USD with the price of mounted figures scaled upward in a similar manner. All prices will depend on the amount of work required to finish a particular piece - with miniatures requiring extensive pinning, filling, and modification being the more expensive.

Fantasy Miniature Painting

We're presently able to offer some miniatures from the Reaper Miniature line to our customers - we have yet to find a suitable wholesaler to deal with on a regular basis - so feel free to contact us if you're trying to find some of the rarer figures from this line. We may be able to help you out. Though our stock is limited at present we fully intend to add this company's merchandise to our studio line ASAP.

Finally, we also hope to offer custom pre-painted miniatures for sale on a regular basis in the near future. Watch our News section for these announcements.

All shipping, tariff, and insurance costs are the responsibility of our clients. Please contact your local postal outlet for cost estimates for shipping you miniatures to Canada. That being said, we will do our best to ensure that all packages returning to customers our as safely packaged and inexpensively shipped as possible. Unlike many companies, we do NOT believe in 'handling' charges.

We pride ourselves on being able to turn around orders quickly, and can provide estimates on how long particular jobs will take. However, these estimates do NOT constitute any kind of guarantee on a time for completion. We will do our very best to have your commission completed as quickly as possible, but will not do so if it compromises the quality of our work. All project estimates will be dependent upon our current work load and time restraints - as much we'd like to paint full-time, we do have "day" jobs and the responsibilities that come with them. Furthermore, all work will be completed in the order in which we receive it - no 'priority' orders will be allowed to jump the queue. So, don't even ask us about it.

At present, we only accept PayPal as a method of payment. This decision was made in order to keep our overhead (and thus our prices) as low as possible.

If you'd like to price up the cost of your particular project, please contact us at PrimeEvil Studios.